Kyle shared today about the Environmental Capstone Course he is TAing this semester! We had a nice discussion about it, Kyle's experience as an educat...View Details

Episode 11 - Gardening

In this episode, we talk about gardening! Find out what Amy has growing in her garden, how gardens can be used as teaching tools, and about how shocki...View Details

We're back!! Coming back from a summer hiatus of working and geology field camp, we're excited to start our season 2! We caught up and checked in abou...View Details

Episode 9 - Moss

Moss!! Amazing plants that are even more amazing the closer you look at them! We talk about what defines a moss, moss reproduction, and the importance...View Details

More hydrology! Kyle shares his experience with hydrology and its various topics, how surface water and groundwater interact, and his own (potential) ...View Details

Hydrology! Water! Wetlands! Watersheds! Amy talks about how hydrology factors into her work, we discuss policy in working around water, and there's a ...View Details

Episode 6 - Karst

Karst?! If you don't know what karst is, it's not your fault - just the fault of the public school system. Join us to learn about this widespread geol...View Details

Episode 5 - Phenology

Phenology! Cycles! Found! On! Earth! In this episode we chat about phenology, natural changes we're experiencing in our respective locations across th...View Details

Episode 4 - Volcanoes!

VOLCANOES! Our favorite charismatic geologic feature! What are volcanoes and the types of volcanoes out there? How do volcanoes form? How do volcanoes...View Details

Amy shares about her experience as an environmental educator! We dive into our environmental education experiences as students, the difference between...View Details

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