Fire ants! Whether you’ve felt the sting of these cultural icons or not, the drama surrounding them is unsurprisingly unsurprising. Join us as we talk...View Details

Join us to learn more about FL scrub-jay surveys through FL Audubon’s Jay Watch and the drama that has unfolded over the past 23 years in attempts to ...View Details

Join us in talking about one of Florida's most social birds - the Florida Scrub-Jay! We love them and their dependence on fire!   Audubon FL Jays Watc...View Details

Join us as we walk though a fire prescription and what happens on the ground the day of a prescribed burn! 

This season is on fire! We kick off our Fire Season by discussing fire ecology and prescribed (Rx) fire. We'll be back next week to continue the conve...View Details

We're back with some summer updates! Mostly about Kyle's experience at geology field camp and the wildfires he experienced in New Mexico.    Taos News...View Details

In our Season 3: Spring Season™ Finale, we dive into Rachel Carson’s seminal work, Silent Spring! With a tangent on lovebugs (def engineered in a lab ...View Details

Join us in the first part of our Season 3: Spring Season™ Finale extravaganza by learning about Rachel Carson! We dive into the life of this inspiring...View Details

Come join us to learn more about community science (also known as citizen science)! We talk about the projects we've been involved in and the benefits...View Details

Our spring season continues with a tale of water mismanagement in Florida, featuring the Ocklawaha River. Join us as we delve into the history of the ...View Details

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